How to deal with the fba inventory backlog?

Release time:2018-12-28 14:18:38   

According to Haixianhui, the sellers of the FBA warehouse in the peak season often have things, many sellers have picked up a lot of goods in advance, and then the inventory pressure has increased. One of Amazon Fba's basic features: Create Removal Order, which reduces the seller's inventory.

This feature is used when you want to destroy counterfeit goods that are returned by customers or damaged goods or sell unsatisfactory goods. If you want to remove from the fba warehouse and don't want to pay the fba storage fee at a loss.

If there are just orders on other platforms, just if the domestic warehouse is out of stock or if you have goods that you don't want to send, you can use the removal function if you want to save shipping costs. The advantage is that you can save on shipping costs, one is only 0.5 USD, which saves a lot compared to domestic shipments. The disadvantage of doing this is that it usually takes 10~14 working days. It may take 30 days in the peak season of February~3 and August~9, and the order tracking number is also slower. Amazon also specifically states that it should not be shipped to order customers in this way.

If the goods are damaged during shipment, or can be said to be damaged goods or defective products returned by the customer, they will be classified into Unfulfillable stock by fba, and can no longer be sold as fba.

If the damage is too high or the cost is low, if the seller does not want it, it is recommended to remove it as soon as possible, so that it will receive a long-term storage fee and lose money.

The above is the processing method of fba inventory backlog, I hope to give you more understanding. If you want to know more information, please visit our official website to learn more!