What are the common FBA issues?

Release time:2018-12-13 16:34:44   

Today Xiaobian brings you some FBA FAQs and gives you more insights:

How to collect FBA storage costs? A: The storage fee is deducted on a monthly basis. The monthly storage fee will be deducted between 7 and 15 each month.

If we have shipped to the FBA warehouse, can we modify the Title or other attributes of the listing under the two conditions of the goods and in the FBA warehouse? Will it affect the FBA's warehousing or selling of products?

A: In the case that there is no problem with listing, it can be modified, and it will not affect the warehousing and shipping; however, Amazon has a listing control policy, meaning that it cannot be easily after listing for a period of time. The changes have been made. When you are not successful in the background, you can contact Amazon's customer service to make changes.

Domestic distribution is converted to FBA distribution, but there are too many products, more than one page, and it is impossible to select all at once. You can select the product on the first page, create an FBA plan, return to inventory, and select the rest to add to the created FBA plan. Built an FBA program, you can add and remove any product at any time, not a one-time choice.

If the account is closed, the goods inside, and the FBA products can be removed? A: Yes (unless your product is illegally prohibited). After the payment of all the fees, the remaining payment will be returned to your collection account within 3 months; if you can log in to the account, the products in FBA can be removed to your overseas warehouse by removing the order function. Then send it back to China; if you can't log in to the account, take a look at the topic and contact customer service.

FBA refund, can we know why the refund? A: There is no specific reason in the background. If you want to know, you can contact the seller support with the order number on the one hand, but Amazon can only reply to the approximate reason, such as: customer damaged, if you can not resell, you can request Amazon sent pictures over and looked at the damage of the product; on the other hand, you can contact the buyer and ask why you want to return it.

FBA's inventory is sometimes displayed more often than what is the reason? A: First of all, is this more than the quantity on your actual product, the amount of inventory is different, generally there are the following situations: your product has a buyer order, but the final buyer canceled the order (this situation has but It won't happen again; Amazon has moved the warehouse and redistributed your product into the warehouse. In this case, there will be a problem of the number of products moving. As long as the product is on the shelf, the number of products is correct. The reason for Amazon's side, if this happens frequently, and even affects sales, it is recommended to contact Amazon in time to ask the specific reasons.

After the FBA products are sold, do you still need to collect the buyer's shipping costs? A: This depends on whether the buyer is a Prime member of Amazon, or whether the purchased product meets the conditions for free postage. This part of the fee is charged by Amazon. It has nothing to do with the seller, and you don't have to worry about it. FBA goods have been removed, want to go to ebay to sell, how to operate, can provide a valid tracking number in the United States? A: If the goods in your Amazon warehouse are still in a processable state, you can put the products on ebay for sale. After the order is placed, the products will be delivered by creating multi-channel distribution. When the delivery is made, Amazon will provide the tracking number. This tracking number can be filled in your ebay account.

The above is the FBA common problem that Xiaobian will explain to you. I hope to give you more understanding and understanding. If you want to know more information, please visit our official website to learn more!