How to operate FBA air transport?

Release time:2018-12-11 14:24:39   

Today, Xiaobian will give everyone a chance to understand how FBA air operations work, and give everyone more understanding and awareness:

1. Authorization: After the consignor and the freight forwarding company confirm the transportation price and service conditions, the freight forwarding company will give the consignor a blank “consignment”, and the consignor will truthfully fill out the consignment note and fax or return it to the shipper. . shipping agent. The goods should include the following fields: consignor, consignee, departure airport, destination airport, required route/application reservation, shipping declaration value, customs declaration value, insurance amount, treatment item, shipping attachment, actual gross weight, freight Rate category, bill weight, rate, product name and quantity, shipper signature, date, etc.

Second, commodity inspection: the freight forwarding company will check whether the contents of the power of attorney are complete, understand whether the goods are to be inspected, and assist in handling the goods that need to be inspected.

3. Reservation: According to the consignor's “authorization letter”, the freight forwarding company will collect and fill out the reservation form from the airline's charge management department and provide corresponding information; commodity name, volume, weight, number of pieces, destination; Time required. The airline arranges cabins and flights according to actual conditions. At the time of booking, the Expo will select the route and carrier according to the requirements of the shipper, and at the same time strive for the most reasonable shipping cost of the shipper. After booking, the airline issues a cabin confirmation (manifest) and provides a voucher for the load box to indicate that the space has been booked.

4. Receiving: Shipper's self-delivery: The freight forwarder should fax the goods to the warehouse map to the shipper, indicating the contact person, mobile phone, shipping address, time, etc. In order to enter the warehouse in a timely and accurate manner. Freight Forwarder Pickup: The shipper needs to provide the freight forwarder with a specific pick-up address, contact information, telephone number, time and other relevant information to ensure that the goods are in place.

V. Goods entering the airport: Tally----------------------------------------------

6. European Air Transport Export Declaration: First, the contents of the export cargo declaration provided by the consignor are entered into the computer, that is, the computer is pre-recorded. The customs declaration form of the customs declaration form is printed on the customs declaration form filled out by the computer; then the customs declaration form is merged with the relevant invoice, packing list and shipping order, and relevant supporting documents are attached as needed. After the above customs declaration is completed, the customs declaration personnel holding the customs declaration formally declare to the customs; after the customs inspection result is correct, the customs official will stamp the original of the shipping order. At the same time, the export receipts and export declarations are issued on the export receipts, and stamped on the product tax refund form used by the shipper.

VII. Signature: After the customs clearance is completed, the air waybill needs to sign the airline. Only the confirmation of the order allows the delivery of the individual, the goods to the airline.

8. Handover delivery: handed over to the European Airways Export Export Airlines, which arranges air transportation. The bill is delivered to the airline with random documents and documents retained by the carrier. The random file includes the second invoice of the second air waybill, the packing list, the certificate of origin, and the quality certificate. The delivery will deliver the goods matching the documents to the airline. The goods must be affixed or smashed before shipment, inspect and inspect the goods, and fill out the goods handover list. Bulk goods, centralized consignment, whole board, full container weighing and delivery. Dispersed small commodities are weighed by ticket and delivered annually.

IX. Flight Tracking: After receiving the goods from the shipper, the cargo tracking system timely obtains the status information of the goods and promptly feeds the information back to the customer for timely processing.

Ten, arrival: purpose clearance --- A, delivery / B, notify the consignee to pick up

The above is the FBA air transport operation process that Xiaobian will explain to you. I hope to give you more understanding and understanding. If you want to know more information, please visit our official website to learn more!