Express Service

HuaJie Express is an agent of the four major international express companies including DHL, UPS, FEDEX and TNT in the southern part of China. We can recommend preferential and fast express service for customers in different countries and regions according to different cargo types and different delivery destinations.



1.       The advantage of DHL is that it has a wide network coverage, which can reach 220 countries and territories worldwide. Meanwhile, DHL's price, service and customs clearance capability are guaranteed. DHL's customs clearance capability is not inferior to FEDEX's and UPS's, while its preferential price makes its relative performance-price ratio the highest, especially for cargo between 20kgs and 70kgs. Territories where it has comparative advantages include: the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America.

2.       FEDEX's service is relatively superior, especially in Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Canada and other regions. Also, its price advantage on large cargo is outstanding. Especially in the off-season, this advantage on the cargo more than 300kgs delivered to Europe and the United States is the most obvious among the four major express companies, but in the peak season, such an advantage is not obvious. In North America, it has superior customs clearance capability, but in Europe, such capability is a little bit inferior than DHL's and TNT's.

3.       UPS's preferential price for large and heavy cargo is also concentrated in those countries including Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Canada and Mexico. Its price advantage is for the cargo more than 71kgs and its customs clearance capability is also superior. At the same time, UPS is also Amazon's strategic transport partner, and it has an advantage of delivering Amazon's warehousing goods.

4. TNT is preferred by customers from Europe and its advantageous territories are concentrated in the Middle East, Europe and West Asia. Especially in the delivery of large wooden boxes, its advantages are more prominent. Its customs clearance capability is stronger than that of DHL,FEDEX and UPS in Western Europe, but its price advantage is not so obvious.