FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) service project

  • FBA value-added services
  • FBA customs clearance service
  • FBA return replacement
  • FBA package transportation
  • FBA head transport
FBA value-added services

FBA value-added services / FBA value-added services

  • FBA product testing For customers who are not convenient to check the supplier's products, we will provide basic inspection services such as product packaging or product appearance;
  • FBA packaging labeling can provide packaging, printing labels, product labeling services;
  • Short-term warehousing services Overseas warehouses provide short-term warehousing services to e-commerce customers
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Huajie ExpressLogistics has many years of international logistics experience and service network, providing you with first-class transportation services from China to the Amazon warehouse in the United States. Full tracking, stable time and wide coverage. The professional operation service team can customize the individualized logistics solutions according to customer needs, and various logistics methods such as air transportation, shipping, express delivery and special line are available for customers to choose. FCL, LCL is handled one-on-one by customer commissioners, and does not mix boxes to ensure the accuracy of the goods. We also have a well-developed trailer line that offers the most cost-effective delivery service.

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FBA customs clearance service

FBA customs clearance service

  • Amazon FBA warehouse shipping customs clearance, no need to register customers in the importing country
  • Self-owned import and export rights, export and import for customers
  • Senior customs brokers in China, the United States and the United Kingdom
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Huajie ExpressLogisticsProvide special customs clearance, customs clearance, customs clearance services, if your FBA goods are detained by the customs in the importing country, in addition to the reasons for the deduction of the products themselves, we can help you with customs clearance, so as to avoid the goods being returned to the country to produce high Amount refund.

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FBA customs clearance service

FBA return replacement

  • Amazon sellers are generally difficult to avoid account closure due to various reasons, products can not be put on shelves, customer returns, etc. This is a problem that every e-commerce company may encounter.Huajie ExpressLogisticsIn the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and the United Kingdom, Germany can provide return and exchange, re-branding, repackaging, and shipping Amazon services, so that your products can regain value and avoid loss of goods.
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Huajie ExpressLogisticsIn the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan provides repackaging, re-branding, transshipment and secondary sales services. Our overseas warehouse staff are familiar with Amazon product features and return rules.
You can quickly process the change, package, and transfer after receiving the return. With Huajie ExpressLogisticsOverseas warehouses, all your goods can be used and sold to the maximum extent. You no longer need to pay the money to Amazon. The money you didn't intend to recover is now back.

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FBA tax package transportation

FBA tax package transportation

  • Specialization: We are familiar with Amazon FBA transportation requirements, know how to deal with transportation problems, and reasonably avoid corresponding risks. We can provide services such as assisting foreign customs clearance, paying taxes and other services, and smoothly sending goods to Amazon warehouse.
  • Efficient: We received the order data, booked the cabin in advance, and arranged the shipment in time. At the same time, the customs clearance and scheduled delivery time were made in advance, and the whole process was interlocked and delivered to the Amazon warehouse with the fastest timeliness.
  • Value-added: From the order to the Amazon warehouse, there are professional customer service tracking, so that customers can feel at ease, peace of mind and peace of mind. Good Friends International can provide high-quality value-added services: providing overseas warehousing, processing and returning, printing Amazon labels, labeling, binning and other services, allowing customers to enjoy high-value Amazon FBA distribution services. To France FBA Germany FBA UK FBA head clearance
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Huajie ExpressLogisticsThe door-to-door one-stop shipping service is especially suitable for SOHO people who are engaged in international trade, e-commerce, foreign direct purchasers, immigrants abroad, or consider exporters to reduce time-consuming and cumbersome foreign customs clearance for importers. Our services allow you to focus on your own international import and export business while tracking the flow and progress of your goods.

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FBA head transport

FBA head transport

  • Air freight FBA The air transportation class is more than 100 shifts per week. The order is closed at 12 noon on Monday to Saturday, and the goods are closed at 6 pm on the same day.
  • Shipping FBA The schedule is two shifts per week, and the goods are cut off at 18:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Express and dedicated FBA process
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Huajie Express Logistics It can provide almost all the door-to-door service of Amazon FBA warehouse. For FBA warehouses all over the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada, we provide exclusive development routes to Amazon sellers, with economical and fast service for customers to choose. FCL, LCL is our strength, and customized service according to the customer's own needs, special customer follow-up, special treatment, no mixing, to ensure customs clearance speed. In addition, we work with Amazon's designated trailer line to ensure the most cost-effective delivery service. We provide direct shipping to FBA warehouses by sea, air and express.

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Main service items

  • Huajie Express_FBA head service

    FBA head service

    Providing Amazon FBA head-end services in various countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Japan, etc., with a comprehensive overseas agent network and professional FBA operation service advantages

  • Huajie Express_International express

    International express delivery business

    An agent, DHL, UPS, Fedex, EMS and other international express delivery services, a one-stop service platform to provide customers with professional cross-border express delivery solutions.

  • Huajie Express_International air transport business

    International air transport business

    The major mainstream air-board services can reach more than 900 airports around the world, with air plus service; advantageous routes: Europe and America, Middle East, Southeast Asia.

  • Huajie Express_International shipping business

    International shipping business

    Huajie Express's shipping business includes import and export transportation of the whole cabinet (FCL) and import and export of bulk cargo consolidation (LCL).

Strategic partner for cross-border e-commerce

Huajie ExpressFBA AmazonDesignated logistics provider

01Customer CareCaring service
  • Free and tailor-made reasonable transportation solutions; free full-service cargo tracking service for customers;
  • professional team to help customers deal with related issues,we focuses on the one-stop service of foreign FBA first leg transportation services.
  • You only need one phone call or one email. We can safely transport the goods to the Amazon warehouse for you.
02Customs ClearanceCustoms Clearance
  • Regular channel import and export, efficient customs clearance
  • 150 excellent agents in the world, stable cooperation, domestic and foreign customs clearance capacity up to 99% in the past 6 years
03Safe and efficientSafe and efficient
  • Convenient process, door-to-door one-stop service.
  • The company integrates multiple fast sea, land and air logistics companies to ensure efficient and efficient delivery of goods,
  • ensuring timely and safe delivery of goods, greatly reducing FBA head-end costs.
04Powerful logisticssystem
  • The goods are tracked in real time, the whole process of the cargo transportation process can be traced.
  • The goods are safely and safely transported from China to Amazon warehouses.
05Improve the service systemA powerful logistics system for peace of mind
  • The goods are tracked in real time, the whole process of the cargo transportation process can be checked, and the lost items are guaranteed to ensure that the goods are safely and safely transported from China to Amazon warehouses.
United States FBA head transport
Europe FBA head transport
United States FBA head
Europe FBA
Europe FBA Logistics Transport

FBA Logistics Process

Amazon FBA Logistics process

Advantages of Huajie Express

    Better service

    Better service

    VAT application, FBA head process, return processing, specialIndustry's 1-to-1 Chinese customer service real-time response guarantee serviceQuality.

    More cost effective

    More cost effective

    Professional Logistics consultants provide personalized cross-border logistics solution.

    More aging

    More aging

    Only with DHL, UPS, Fedex and other mainstream express Logistics cooperates to ensure stable timeliness.

    Safer goods

    Safer goods

    Free collection and collection, free warehousing, free packaging materials. Free packaging and reinforcement, safer and more convenient.

Huajie Express

Huajie Express

Huajie Express International Freight Forwarding CompanyFounded in 2014, it is a first-class freight forwarding company specializing in international freight forwarding business. The company mainly operates Amazon FBA head transport service, with United States FBA, British FBA, Japanese FBA, German FBA, Canadian FBA, and other national FBA delivery warehousing advantage channels, Amazon FBA head transport, FBA customs clearance, FBA return standard, short-term Warehousing and other FBA one-stop service. Huajie is the main aging time, guarantees the quality, rejects all bad aging, and keeps everything under control! 

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